Get A Temporary Email Address On Demand To Avoid Spam

These days, most websites are asking for a lot of personal information in order to open an account and use the services they offer. Sometimes you just want to get a coupon code for a product you are about to purchase, but the trade off is you may start receiving email spam in return.

temporary email
A temporary email box is the best way to avoid spam when you sign up to a website or a service.

How To Get A Temporary Email Address

While there are many websites and services that offer an on-demand temporary email address, we narrowed down some of the best we could find:

  • Temp Mail – our favorite tool, which has a very clean and modern interface that generates a reliable temporary email address accepted by most websites or services. As long as you keep your browser tab open, your temporary email address will remain active and you will see new emails as they come.
  • 10 Minute Mail – Another great option which generates a temporary email address for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes expire, the email is no longer valid and won’t receive new emails. If you need more time, the site has a button that let’s you get an additional 10 minutes as many times as needed.
  • Apple Hide My Email – If you subscribe to Apple’s iCloud+, their ‘Hide My Email’ service is included with your subscription. It’s a convenient tool that is built in to ‘Sign in with Apple’ and iCloud+.

Hiding your real email address can be very useful in a multitude of scenarios. As long as you can get a free, temporary, email address, there is no reason to expose your actual one or go through the hassle of managing an additional inbox just for spam.

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